Animals have been used as the subjects

Animals have been used as the subjects of life-changing studies for decades on end. We can contribute them towards finding cures for various antibiotics, vaccines for diseases, and the discovery of hormones(Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection). However, animals in human disease studies are locked up into tight environments and often have no choice but to await their next harmful procedure. Researchers claim that they make their subject the least susceptible to harm as they can, but they often fail. According to the article, “Animal Experimentation”, “820,812 animals were used in experiments at USDA-registered facilities in the United States in 2016.” This number does not even account for the animals not protected by the AWA; which are most of the animals that researchers use in scientific studies. There have been many developments in the medical world which could eliminate the use of animals in human disease studies. Instead of exposing our mammals to painful procedures, unfairly closed environments, and death; we need to find and use alternative methods for human disease research.

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It finishes horribly, virtually ruining her and her whole family

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