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The importance of charity

There is no doubt that people are driven to helping others: donating, sharing and giving away goods, money and volunteered time proved its positive impact both on recipients and donors of all these things. Charities and activist foundations are created by organizations or people dedicated to giving aid to the ones in need thus filling the gaps that public programs fail to support. Sometimes they are even more important than government agencies due to its impact and ability to change and help vulnerable communities.

How charity impacts people

More than 1.3 billion people worldwide live on less than $1 a day while 3 billion balance on $2,5. Such extreme levels of poverty indicate that the government cannot resolve the problem so the responsibility falls on other organizations that have the resources of private donations. This is why charity is important: it focuses these resources on specific issues that require the most attention and it is especially true for children and disabled people.
While the benefits of charity are undeniable for those in need, it is also helpful for the ones that donate the money and necessary things. The charity helps them to:
- Strengthen personal growth. People donating to charity organizations feel a moral duty and power to change lives. It impacts their values and general life principles awaking our true ethical beliefs. This is the case when money can really buy you happiness;
- Push realization. The majority of people do not make it any further than a regular daily plan: office-home-office. Charity donors state that after making a donation they felt better and realized they could do more. It brought more meaning in their lives;
- Beat stress. The study revealed that 89% of the population suffers from stress: meanwhile, charity donors and volunteers find it less stressful and even relaxing;
- Improve relationships. If you are an introvert and want to change it or you just fail to connect with people, charity is the best way to fix this;
- Spread positivity. A research held by the National Institute of Health showed that participants who donated money for charity had activated pleasure centers in the brain that made them feel better. Doing good things for others not expecting anything in return makes us believe that the world is a better place: thus, we become more positive and happier;
- Motivate your family and friends. You can become a good example for your kids teaching them to be generous and also motivate your relatives to become better;
- Manage your finances. If you set a $100 payment every month to charity, it will make you more attentive to your bank account and motivate to earn more.
Realize that every little bit helps: even a few dollars can save someone’s life. If you decide to donate for charity, you can even write it off on your tax return.

How to donate to charity

Charity organizations have different goals depending on their type. They may require money, clothes, food, other things or volunteers to help. Before you make a donation, check what they accept right now so that your contribution would be helpful. Even small things matter and everyone can help make this world better by:
- making a periodic donation of clothes going through your closets;
- engaging in charity projects in your neighborhood;
- donating blood;
- helping out the elders in need;
- motivating others to help;
- taking care of animals from pet shelters;
- creating special donation jars and food baskets;
- volunteering in the church;
- making charity a habit.
Everyone can take part in charity: adults, students, and children can donate food, money, clothes or just become a volunteer. If you are a student and studies take all your time not leaving much to volunteering, you may look up some college homework help websites that can complete the tasks for you. All you have to do is google “pay to do my assignment” and be sure that SpeedyPaper will be one of the top results. Checking speedy paper reviews you will find out whether it is a good service and what other customers say.

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