Why Donate?

Every Donation – Big and Small – Makes a Difference!

Why Donate?

Unfortunately , every 2- 1/2 days in the USA, a seemingly healthy young person suffers a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and dies- often with absolutely no warning signs.

During the fall of 2013 five local young people suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and one of them was my son Matthew Truax.

September 13, 2013: Matthew a seemingly healthy 16 year old and student at Meadowdale High School, was running the track in PE when he suddenly collapsed and died from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

CPR was provided, but unfortunately an AED was not used until the EMTs arrived. By this point Matthew had lost over 70% chance of survival.

95% of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Victims Die Before Reaching The Hospital .

In school situations, where AEDs and people trained to use AEDs are available, the survival rate of a sudden cardiac arrest is around 80 percent, up from 5 percent across the board nationally.

AEDs Make Our Schools and Communities Safer. AEDs Save Lives.

Help Us Put AEDs In Every School. The Life Saved Could Be Someone You Love .

Thank you to everyone who sponsored, donated, and attended our 2015 and 2016 Save A Life; Equip A Hero Auction & Gala fund raising events.  To date we have installed AEDs in five high schools in the Edmonds School District — Lynnwood, Meadowdale, Edmonds/Woodway, Mountlake Terrace HS and Scriber Lake.  We still have 5 middle schools and 22 elementary schools in need of AEDs.  If you would like to help us reach our goal you can make an online donation or sponsor an AED.

Remember, your donation will help us create a heart safe zone for over 20,000 students in our Edmonds School District.

Melinda Truax

Heart of Edmonds School District & Community Heart Safe Project


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